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Heinsights Owner, Manfred (Fred) Hein


Mr. Hein is an organizational change agent. He helps organizations to innovate, develop and implement technology, process, education, and cultural changes at project and corporate levels. He encourages the establishment and use of reusable technology, process and education components. And he promotes a quality orientation, strongly emphasizing the need for continuous innovation and improvement. He has a track record of results oriented experience as an Information Technology professional in high technology, telecom, financial, government, aerospace, educational, and electric power industry business segments.


Manfred (Fred) Hein realizes that each organization’s most important asset is its people. And he applies Systems Thinking as he helps Heinsights clients assess and implement process, technology, and cultural changes to support the people in their organizations. Mr. Hein has spent most of his working life developing large and complex systems in mainframe and distributed client server environments and developing products for high technology companies. He uses that experience in assessing organizational needs and designing, constructing and implementing project and organizational methodologies, standards and guidelines for software/systems product development, product maintenance, project management, and quality management/assurance. He is a specialist in software project planning, organization, and execution and in quality assessment/auditing using industry standards – SEI CMM, ANSI/IEEE Software Engineering standards, PMI’s Body of Knowledge, and ISO standards - for process assessment, design & implementation.


He has developed a strong expertise for implementation of organizational process, technology, and cultural changes and a sensitivity to the Angst an organization feels when faced with such changes. He considers effective communication, training and education to be primary change vehicles in an organization.


Mr. Hein’s training and education experience ranges from mentoring of individuals and small groups to development of corporate curricula, and to development/management of complete corporate training programs. He has provided specific development and delivery of training for business, scientific and engineering products, for software engineering, product engineering, project management and quality assurance processes, for technical environments (hardware and software), languages and tools, for business skills, for professional development skills, and for corporate quality management systems.