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“No man is an island” and neither is Heinsights. We have developed strong, trusted relationships with business partners and associates that complement our services. These partners share our values for customer service and quality. And they provide us excellent IT training and mentoring, process engineering, project management, quality management and project assurance resources.



Advanced Concepts Center, LLC (ACC) - The Advanced Concepts Center is a learning solutions company focused on educating information technology professionals in IT concepts, software development methodologies, processes, project management, databases, operating systems and programming languages. These services are delivered via a blend of classroom training, e-learning, hads-on application and mentoring.


Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) is a premier source for specialized IT solutions and highly skilled information technology professionals. ATS ensures corporate effectiveness by providing a process of supporting and managing (governing) the technology, priorities, people, and processes of IT from demand through production.  


PSL Tech - PSL (Process Sciences Laboratory, Inc.) is a process improvement company. PSL focuses on your organizational business processes and supporting technology. PSL Tech is a business unit of PSL that specifically applies the power of open source technology to the complex problems of business, government and education. Linux and Open Source Software provide flexible and economic tools to improve and protect your business now and for the future. PSL Tech's staff of certified personnel helps evaluate and implement sound Linux-based and/or Open Source solutions for your organization.


Quality Imaging Center (QIC) - Quality Imaging Center offers complete state-of-the-art document technology solutions and services. QIC assists organizations in streamlining their operations and maximizing their facilities by converting their documentation to electronic formats. While eliminating your need for costly storage space, QIC services allow you to convert your hard copy to a highly efficient and productive documentation that is accessible through your PC or network.


The Westfall TeamThe Westfall Team provides training and consulting in Software Quality Engineering, Software Metrics, Software Testing, Software Peer Reviews & Software Inspections, Software Project Management, Software Risk Management, Software Process Definition & Improvement, ISO 9000:2000 Implementation and Gap Analysis, and Software Acquisition & Supplier Management. The Westfall Team will deliver their standard and customized courses at your site. And will develop unique software engineering courses to meet your needs.