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Change and more change; speed and more speed. The Internet Age is characterized by the need for speed - speed in product development, speed in getting a product out to market, speed in supporting and reacting to customer needs. It is also characterized by huge, dramatic and very fast changes in technology - the current Internet (and Internet 2 - n), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), websites, corporate intranets, web browsers, commercial electronic transactions over very large, worldwide networks, and the extensive use of multi-media. And accompanying changes in marketing and sales strategies such as one-to-one, personalized marketing / tailoring of products based on customer need, and delivery of web-based products as opposed to shrink-wrapped products.


All these changes cause struggle, strife and stress as you and your employees try to step up to the bar and meet these new challenges. And even though you work harder and seemingly smarter with adoption of electronic commerce, corporate Intranets, and implementation of virtual corporation concepts, the bar is raised every time you are ready for the next business leap. You can't seem to keep up with the changes and faster times to market. Time, and the lack of it, appears to drive everything. There just does not appear to be enough time to get the job done for individuals, project teams or corporations as a whole. Either that or we haven't quite learned how to redeem it.


Are you searching to improve your IT effectiveness and efficiency? Do you want to produce the right product (or service), at the right time, at the right cost and for the right customer?  If you can do this consistently, you can beat your competition in this Internet Age. Heinsights can help you assess and improve corporate IT processes, supporting technology/tools and the skills of your staff using them. We provide the following services:


Project & Program Management

Product & Systems Development

Quality Management Systems

Project Quality Assurance

IT  Education and Mentoring