QMS Characteristics
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The following are characteristics of the quality management systems we help you implement:


  • Heinsights focuses on implementation of ISO 9000, NQA1/NQA2 (Nuclear industry), or quality management systems based on other industry standards.
  • We will implement quality management systems (QMS) tailored to your unique business environment and existing practices. We will not implement a cookie cutter, inflexible, purely document-based QMS. In order to deliver a tailored QMS to you, we will be heavily relying on the quality best practices assessments of your organization.
  • We will use the governing QMS standards, e.g., ISO 9001/2000, and regulations to define the framework for the QMS being implemented. This framework usually requires information in the form of policies, procedures, detailed working instructions, product standards and guidelines, and work product templates and can be tailored to your format requirements.
  • We will fully document and obtain your approval on the finished QMS. If desired by you, we will provide an actionable, web-based delivery of the QMS.
  • We will help you test and refine the QMS by helping you execute QMS pilot projects. In the process, we will train (a formal training class) and mentor your people on QMS usage. And refine QMS contents as necessary.
  • We will conduct periodic QMS Wellness Checks with you and determine follow-up actions.