Heinsights Education Process
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Heinsights helps you achieve training and education effectiveness through our process of defining your training requirements and selecting an appropriate mentoring, course, curriculum or training program solution. We use a training process historically used successfully by product development companies:


(1) We identify your internal training customers (the right audience) - who they are, where they are located, what functions do they perform, and their problems and issues that could be resolved through training & education,


(2) We define their specific training requirements (the right content),


(3) Based on their requirements, we select or design the class, curricula and/or training program that meets their requirements (the right content & right delivery mechanism),


(4) We define timeliness and speed requirements and deliver just-in-time training (at the right time and cost), and


(5) We continue to refine  requirements, content, delivery vehicles and deliver training on an ongoing basis. And we retire training content and delivery vehicles that are no longer required or effective for you. 



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