IT Training Curricula
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The following categories of courses are available. The list is not all-inclusive; other classes may be offered as needed - please call us to identify your needs. Course outlines from a sample of course are available for your review; others are available upon request.


Technology Courses - Data Base Management Systems (Sybase, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, DB2, MS Access and more), Networking (Concepts, systems application courses), Operating Systems/Environments (UNIX, Linux, MS Windows, mainframe), Tools (QA tools, development tools, project management tools, training tools, product release/rollout tools, user support tools, configuration management/change management/version control tools, incident reporting, tracking and resolution tools, etc.), Languages (C, C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, Smalltalk, Assembly, COBOL, Fortran and more), Security (Security lifecycle, security concepts, network security, data center security, application security, data security, and more).


Software Engineering - Object Oriented Analysis, Design & Programming, Structured Analysis and Design, Requirements Definition and Use Cases, Configuration Management, Peer Reviews, System Health Reviews, Iterative Development (Rapid Application Development), Rational Unified Process, Joint Application Design (JAD), Metrics, Prototyping, Defining GUIs and more.


Quality Assurance – Project Quality Assurance, QA Planning and Reporting, Verification and Validation, Inspections, Testing (unit, integration, systems and user acceptance test), Quality Management Systems, ISO 9000/2000, ISO 9000 Impact on Project Processes, Quality Auditing, and more.


Project Management – Fundamentals of Project Management, Project Planning and Control, Project Management Concepts, Risk Management, Managing Business Projects, Making a Business Case, Managing Complex Projects, Managing People in Project Environment, Managing Projects Involving 3d Parties, Object Oriented Project Management, Principles of Managing Iterative Development and more.


Sample Courses to Download. Please call us for other desired courses not listed here:




Managing Projects in an Object-Oriented Environment

Software Testing

Fundamentals of Project Management

Project Management Concepts

Making a Business Case

Managing Business Projects

Managing Complex Projects

Object Oriented Project Management

Managing Projects Involving 3d Parties

Managing People in a Project Environment

Technical Overview of Object-Oriented Development

Object Oriented Method Overview

Object-Oriented Software Development

Project Management

Program Management

Effective Project Management for IT

Project Planning and Control

Requirements Management Fundamentals

Risk Management Workshop

User Acceptance Testing

Advanced Requirements Management Using Use Cases

Unified Process Overview

Requirements Management Using Use Cases