IT Education & Mentoring
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Effectiveness should be the primary goal when implementing a training program, curricula or a single class – please see the Effectiveness in the Internet Age paper in the Common Sense web page. If effectiveness is not achieved, you might as well be throwing your efforts and money down a well hole. But what is the big deal; can't I just use some of the good off-the-shelf, multi-media, Internet-aware training stuff that's proliferating the marketplace and satisfy my training needs? And since it is off-the-shelf and hands-on material, don't I save a ton of money over traditional types of training? Depending on your need, maybe you can, but more than likely, NOT - cost and nice technology wrappings are only two elements that figure into the effectiveness equation. Training effectiveness means having the right content, for the right audience, at the right time, using the right delivery vehicle, and at the right cost. Effectiveness is not necessarily achieved by just employing new delivery technology or bargaining for the cheapest class - to ensure effectiveness, Heinsights uses a tried and true Education Process.


Heinsights offers the following IT Education and Mentoring services:


Please reference IT Training Services figure that portrays the context of the training services we can provide your corporation - supporting the individual corporate employee, the corporate project teams, and your competency centers/functional organizations.


        IT Training and Mentoring – we offer a broad range of IT content, delivered as onsite courses and/or mentoring. And some of our partners offer synchronous eLearning classes over the internet. We can tailor or customize courses based on your needs.  Please reference the IT Training Curricula.


        Course and Curricula Development – we can help you develop new courses or entire learning streams (curriculums) organized by a specific software engineering and QA discipline, development language, or operating environment and tailored to your specific needs.


        Training Programs – we can help you develop a training program for your entire organization and help you manage it. We help you assess your needs, establish learning plans, establish learning streams (curricula) and courses, establish service level agreements, help you choose the appropriate training vendors, choose the appropriate supporting technology and more. We help you manage the entire training fulfillment cycle from request of a class through delivery, evaluation and invoicing. If desired, we manage all training suppliers for you.